Dairy Industry in 2030

A research conducted by Lund University in collaboration with Tetra Pak about the dairy industry in 2030 showed that, considering there will be big changes within the Food & Beverage sector, businesses in the dairy industry will have to face the disruptive changes this will bring.

The results of the study have shown four possible scenarios for 2030: a dairy evolution; the increase of green dairy; a new fusion; and a completely new product.

  • In the first scenario, businesses will have to grow to meet the demand in countries with a deficit in dairy products.
  • In the second scenario, there will be more socio-environmental restrictions y taxes for animal origin resources, therefore businesses will start investing in the production of plant-based dairy.
  • In the third scenario, cow-based products will decrease, with the rise of lab grown and plant-based products, creating a fusion between the three. In this case, businesses will have to invest in R&D to be competitive.
  • And in the fourth one, both the second and third scenarios are combined, with an increase of restrictions as well as technology, making lab grown products the most produced ones.

In Eigra Group we are committed to innovation and development of internal capabilities, so that our customers in the industry remain as main competitive forces, offering services to create the product that best suits the needs of the market.

Which 2030 scenario do you think is more likely to happen?

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