About us

Eigra Group has been exceeding customer expectations for 28 years, providing technological solutions capable of enhancing their processes. Currently, Eigra Group is a mark of quality and a guarantee of success for our clients, who appreciate being served by highly qualified professionals capable of understanding their needs and selecting the appropriate technology upon which to build the optimal solution.

Due to the growing demand for projects over the years, Eigra Group has created different divisions specialized in various technologies to offer a more comprehensive service. This allows segmenting solutions by technological competencies, combining all of them into an integrated and perfectly coordinated offering from a project management perspective.

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of the Group

The driving force behind the group’s evolution has been, since its inception, entrepreneurship and the incorporation of new technologies into the solutions portfolio. This continuous proposal of innovation is what has driven the strategy when facing and solving each of the challenges entrusted to us by our clients. This is made possible by a development team that innovates and learns continuously, adding market studies that anticipate the possible needs of clients to provide a quick, concise, and valid response to any project demanded by the sector.

Our Customers

Grupo Nogar
Sequoia Renewables
Unisun Energy
ID Energy Group



Inspired by our customers

For Eigra Group, customer satisfaction and well-executed service are paramount to the success of each of its companies. Within the group, we strive to maintain an efficient and competitive work approach with the highest quality, aiming to provide lasting solutions to all our clients worldwide. Thanks to this commitment, the group has the capabilities to sustain leadership in the national market while expanding its presence in Europe.


Driven by technology

At Eigra Group, we understand that technology will guide us toward our goals in the future. Alongside our commitment to our employees, teamwork, mutual support of local businesses, and awareness of environmental preservation, we aim to achieve these goals. Eigra Group aspires to be a reliable technological partner capable of accompanying its clients worldwide, bringing the latest technologies for a better and sustainable future.


Continuous Improvement

As of today, Eigra Group continues in constant expansion and international development, dedicating its resources and technology with a multicultural workforce and a cosmopolitan vision of the market, allowing us to maintain an innovative character in the industry under the motto #MovemoslaIndustria (#WeMoveTheIndustry)

Values &
Social Responsibility

Environmental Commitment

The responsibility towards the environment makes Eigra Group strive through a continuous improvement protocol, adapting both personal and material resources to the needs of any type of project or client. This includes the evaluation of production costs and the implementation of social and environmental engineering, defined and supported by an experienced technical and quality department, to achieve the lowest economic and environmental impact.


Improving life quality

Production in the industry, directly connected to people’s way of life, continually challenges the group to maintain a level of knowledge and evaluated management focused on improving the quality of life in today’s society, both personally and professionally. This is achieved by applying innovation protocols based on data analysis related to resources and engineering. This internal protocol of document management adds extra value to the market by providing the best professional service, along with a preliminary study of resources, with the aim of collaboratively finding the appropriate economic-social symbiosis in the execution of any innovative project.


Responsibility as a supplier

As part of our commitment to the customer and responsibility as a supplier, data generated during production and after commissioning is sent for the maintenance and evolution of completed installations. This provides the customer with the opportunity to maximize their resources while reducing costs. Thanks to investment in innovation and new technologies, the collected data becomes crucial during delicate situations, such as the demand for essential products.

As evidence of our responsibility as a supplier, Eigra Group has a quality department that studies and considers the measures and requirements to offer our services in the agri-food and pharma sectors. This department conducts continuous reviews, ensuring the quality of the product or service based on previous needs and regulations. To comply with these measures, the production processes of the group currently operate under ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-45001, and ISO-50001 standards.

Eigra Fluelec S.A

Classification as Public Works Contractor
Bidder of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia
Certificates as a Manufacturer-Installer Company
Manufacturer of Metal Structures UNE 1090
Installer and Maintainer of Pressure Equipment
Installer and Maintainer of Fire Protection Systems
High Voltage Installer
Low Voltage Installer
Installer and Maintainer of Thermal Installations
Installer of Liquid Petroleum Products

Certified Management Systems
Quality Management System ISO 9001
Environmental Management System ISO 14001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001
Energy Management System ISO 50001

Qualified Welding Procedures
Stainless Steel Procedures under UNE EN 288 Standard
Stainless Steel Procedures under UNE-EN ISO 15614-1 Standard – Manual and Automatic (Orbital) Processes
Stainless Steel Procedures under ASME Section IX Standard
Carbon Steel Procedures under UNE-EN ISO 15614-1 Standard
Carbon Steel Procedures under ASME Section IX Standard

Qualified Approved Welders
Stainless Steel under UNE EN 9606-1 Standard
Stainless Steel under UNE-EN ISO 14732 Standard (Orbital)
Stainless Steel under ASME Section IX Standard
Carbon Steel under UNE-EN 9606-1 Standard
Carbon Steel under ASME Section IX Standard

Migra Procesos S.L.

Certified Management Systems
Quality Management System ISO 9001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001

CYS Domus S.L.

Designation as a contractor for public works projects
Bidder of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia
Certified Management Systems
Quality Management System ISO 9001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001