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Steam distribution and treatment

Eigra Group is aware of the importance of effective energy management and its impact on the costs of the production process as well as the reduction of carbon emissions.

Efficient energy use involves having technically well-sized and professionally executed installations that eliminate unnecessary consumption. Additionally, it is essential to apply state-of-the-art technologies for the control, recording, and measurement of consumption.

Steam is a key energy vector for the food manufacturing process. Eigra Group designs, supplies, and implements solutions for steam and heat exchange, aiming for energy optimization:

  • Generation and sizing of equipment.
  • Transport networks, size, supports, and expansions.
  • Sizing of reducing stations.
  • Heat exchange.
  • Condensate rings, recovery, and drainage.
  • Clean steam for process sterilization.
  • Instrumentation and control valves.

Compressed air distribution and treatment

Eigra Group holds the legal accreditation to carry out the design and implementation of compressed air installations. We specialize in designing centralized generation systems and assembling compressed air networks for machine operation, dryers, filters, instrumentation, valves, safety loops, and more. Our services include:

  • Installation of compressor rooms.
  • Supply, installation, and interconnection of equipment.
  • Distribution networks in galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.

We supply networks for clean or active air for food or pharmaceutical processes, where we completely eliminate impurities that could contaminate the food product or the pharmaceutical substance in contact. To ensure this objective, we work according to ISO 8573-1 standards or Class 0 air.

Distribution of fluids and pressure vessels

Eigra Group carries out the design, manufacturing, and assembly of pipeline networks for industrial fluids such as thermal oils, vacuum, domestic hot water (ACS), chilled water, cooling water, nitrogen, argon, ozone, etc. We use a variety of materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, PPR, PVC, polyethylene, among others. Our technical department issues the installation certificate and the project documentation to obtain the administrative authorization for the industrial installation.

Thermal insulation

Eigra Group has specialized personnel dedicated to the study of insulation to define the type of project and its specifications. The objective is to provide the best option, considering all necessary process data, from temperatures to working conditions. For example:

  • In cold installations: elastomeric foams, polyurethane foam (PUR), and polyurethane shells.
  • In heat installations: bare mineral wool or with a finish in aluminium foil.

All these products have CE certification and comply with European safety and environmental regulations.

Structures and platforms

Eigra Group designs in 3D, calculates, prefabricates, supplies, and assembles on-site structures, walkways, and access platforms to tanks, equipment, and valve manifolds.

We operate under the EN1090 standard, and the entire production process is controlled under this standard:

  • Material certification.
  • Welding procedures.
  • Qualified welders.
  • Welding equipment maintenance.
  • Visual inspection of welds according to UNE-EN ISO 17637.
  • Penetrant liquid inspection.
  • Dimensional checks.
  • Weld traceability.
  • Declaration of CE marking.

We manufacture structures in:

  • Carbon steel in structural and rolled profiles.
  • Stainless steel in structural and rolled profiles.

Fire prevention

Eigra Group has extensive experience in working on installations in the sector, training its staff to carry out large-scale and complex installations on these systems.

Our team can advise the client on everything needed to design and develop a security system installation plan that is both cost-effective and feasible, integrating it within the current legal framework.

Eigra Group not only takes care of installation but, as an authorized company, also performs periodic maintenance on these systems to ensure their perfect operation. This is achieved by covering the entire process of selling, distributing, and maintaining fire extinguishers and other firefighting systems, which must have the appropriate equipment, strategic placement, and corresponding signage to minimize any risk.

The most common fire detection systems we can mention are conventional, analog, and carbon monoxide detection. Additionally, Eigra Group offers a wide range of water, CO2, ABC powder on carts, and multipurpose dry powder extinguishers, among others. We work in the following sectors:

  • Industry: foam, applications.
  • Tertiary: extinguishers, manual alarm detection, fire hydrants.
  • Hospital.
  • Residential community.
  • Commerce.
  • Regulations and decrees.
  • Company certificates.

Our fire protection department is at your disposal to provide the appropriate response, prioritizing safety along with compliance with the applicable regulations of the activity to be protected.

Our team of professionals designs the best solution, incorporating fire protection technology that complies with current regulations and standards.

We specialize in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of:

  • Manual fire suppression.
  • Automatic fire suppression:
    • Grooved red unthreaded DIN2440 pipes and fittings.
    • Fire detection.
    • Analog detection systems.
    • Conventional detection systems.
    • Detection system accessories.
    • Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems.
    • RF structure protection.
    • Signaling for PCI equipment, evacuation routes, etc.
    • Detection of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and forced ventilation.
    • Smoke and heat control.
    • Water supply tanks.

We carry out PCI projects and all necessary procedures for the legalization of systems, as well as perform technical direction and verification of compliance with project specifications.

Low and medium voltage distribution

Eigra Group, as a leading company with expert personnel in low and medium voltage distribution, is capable of undertaking projects for the transport or transmission of these two voltages. This is possible thanks to the absolute involvement in each of the projects coordinated between the group and its client. The development process, such as that of an overhead and underground medium-low voltage line installation, is in demand by industrial and tertiary clients.

As described in regulations, medium voltage installations are considered third-category high-voltage installations, with a voltage range between 10 and 20 kV. These medium-voltage lines can be installed overhead or underground. Typically, this service is required by industrial clients with significantly high-power demands. Overhead medium-voltage line installations have greater durability, while underground medium-voltage line installations require minimal maintenance and have a greater reach, as they experience less voltage loss.

Projects legalization

Eigra Group has all the legal and technical accreditations to legalize the installations it offers.


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