We drive the transition towards a model of energy with no environmental impact. We operate in different countries, applying the same business model carried out by a multicultural group of professionals.

In each project, we have a local team that is responsible and committed, leading each of our projects on-site. The agreements we have signed with world leaders in the manufacturing of inverters and photovoltaic panels, as well as with investment groups, allow us to offer photovoltaic plants with the latest advancements in efficiency and availability at very competitive prices.

We are versatile and flexible, participating in the development of the entire project as a complete EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) or in specific parts of it.

EPC Vision

Eigra Group develops the project from its inception to the connection of the plant to the grid and its commissioning. The main phases of the project are as follows:

  • Identification of the optimal land.
  • Distance to the connection point.
  • Obtaining right-of-way permits.
  • Administrative management, licenses, and authorizations.
  • Calculation and simulation of electrical generation.
  • Engineering and construction of the plant.
  • Commissioning.


  • Preventive maintenance of all plant equipment through periodic inspections and cleaning of components and installations. All of this is carried out through a coordinated annual maintenance plan.
  • Corrective maintenance involves diagnosing faults, repairing, and replacing equipment.
  • Control and monitoring of the plant, overseeing and verifying performance, and detecting faults in advance that directly affect plant production.


Generate clean energy where you consume it and receive a discount on the bill you pay to the electric company.

We design and install the electrical generation solution that best suits your roof, orientation, contracted power, and the consumption curve based on your daily activities.

Maintenance Service

Eigra Group offers a maintenance service to provide greater peace of mind that everything is functioning correctly. We address potential breakdowns and schedule annual inspections. If we identify potential improvements to your installation, we also implement them. This ensures that your system is always operating at maximum efficiency.

Eigra Group has extensive capacity and experience in carrying out projects for the implementation of solar self-consumption in the industrial, residential, and tertiary sectors. For this, the group provides advice, handles legal processes and obtains required permits, analyses and studies the specific characteristics of your home or industry for the installation, uses equipment and components from leading brands in the market, and above all, ensures the installed system with the fundamental principle of 'responsibility as a service provider.


New Projects