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Since the inception of Eigra Group, we have focused the corporate growth strategy on providing solutions to the needs of our industrial clients. Our construction division is a crucial link in the group’s portfolio of services for the industry.

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Project Management & EPC

Our Project Management model, based on coordinating various services from a global project perspective, has allowed us to tackle complex projects, minimizing the impact on client production while maintaining safety, quality objectives, and delivery timelines.

  • Industrial architecture.
  • Functional definition of spaces, making manufacturing viable.
  • Implementation and integration of renewable energy generators.
  • 3D design and rendering of spaces.
  • Structural strength and dimensional calculation of structures.
  • Economic management of the work.
  • Coordination of subcontractors.
  • Supplies and equipment.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Monitoring project execution progress.
  • Compliance with quality and technical specifications of materials.
  • Resource allocation.

Cleanrooms, process rooms, and hygienic rooms

Building with the value our work adds to our clients in mind is an attitude that we have internalized in our production system and our team over the years.

Eigra Group constructs cleanrooms for the food, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors, collaborating with specialized engineering firms in the calculation and design of the equipment for these types of rooms. This allows us to offer the client integrated construction solutions.


New Projects