Project Management

Eigra Group is commissioned to carry out a new project for the storage of feedstock in A Coruña's harbour. 

Eigra Group is working on the construction of a new industrial services infrastructure in the port of A Coruña.

The group combines the capabilities of each division to carry out the construction and civil works, industrial assembly, electrical installation, and automation.

The execution of the project, under the Project Management system, allows Eigra Group to provide integrated management of the project, aligning the processes and coordinating the various teams involved, focusing on:

  • Dialogue with the client.
  • Observance of the technical specifications for the project.
  • Reception, unloading, and positioning of equipment.
  • Coordination of production.
  • Eliminating non-productive time.
  • Monitoring and allocation of resources for the completion of the planning.
  • Commissioning. 
  • As-built documentation.
  • Quality management
  • OSHAS management.

The project is currently in the execution phase of the industrial assembly, with its commissioning scheduled for the beginning of Autumn. 

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