The Netherlands: Part 2

In 2018 we started working in the Netherlands, having a backlog in this country for 2021.
Montaje Industrial Zelanda

In this second part we talk about the mechanical project we conducted in Zeeland, which consisted in the design, mixing and pasteurisation fabrication and site assembly, following these steps:

1. 3D development of the process modules using Autodesk software: AutoCAD. Once these designs are validated by the client, we edit the assembly drawings for manufacture in our workshop which, in this case, were food processing units, including a CIP station and a mixing valve cluster.

2. Quality control: during the welding process, an exhaustive control and registration of the welds are carried out, as well as internal inspection by means of endoscopic vision.

3. After the successful completion of the FAT procedure in the presence of the client, the process modules were transported to the production site in Zeeland.

4. The modules are integrally connected to the process (product lines, CIP cleaning, service lines).

The standardisation of manufacturing procedures under the European law, our ISO-9001 standard and the use of collaborative digital tools, allowed both teams to work efficiently and in record time, making the distance no longer a barrier.

With this project, Eigra Group begins its journey through Europe developing a strategy, not towards markets or countries, but towards projects with specific requirements, within the harmonisation of the European Union.