industry processes

MCC and RIO Panels for New Milk Reception System

  • Electrical engineering development.
  • EPLAN diagrams.
  • AS-i network topology design in the field.
  • MCC and RIO panel design.
  • Signal checklist and communication and hardware tests.
  • CE marking of cabinets and electrical tests.

Dryer and Evaporator in France

  • Assembly of process pipelines.
  • Assembly of CIP and service pipelines.
  • Vertical rack realization.
  • Installation and connection of equipment (heat exchangers, valves, pumps, etc.).
  • Assembly of conduits for powder product transport.
  • Insulation of ducts for thermal purposes.

Design, Assembly, and FAT Testing of Pre-assemblies for a Dairy Project in Russia

  • 3D design of process units: CIP stations, valve manifolds, mixing systems, dosing, and heat exchangers, modular and suitable for land transportation dimensions.
  • Mechanical assembly of equipment and TIG welding for food use.
  • Weld traceability.
  • Endoscopic vision of welds.
  • Appropriate packaging for international transport beyond the European Union
  • Preparation of documentation for the export and customs clearance of 19 trailer trucks.

New Dairy Dessert Factory in France

  • Main process rack assembly.
  • TIG and automatic welding of raw milk reception lines, whey lines, aseptic lines, process water lines, and CIP cleaning lines.
  • Steam distribution network and pressure reducing stations.
  • Instrumentation, valves, and pumps assembly.
  • Tanks positioning and levelling.

Manufacturing and cleaning processes automation for ready-to-eat products in the IV range

Project for avocado and tomato processing through cold temperature control, from raw material treatment to processing and shipment to the filler. The project involved the mechanical installation of new equipment, a re-evaluation of lines for adaptation to cleaning processes, reverse engineering of the process, and new integration of the production line and process. Project carried out with Siemens.