Automation and
electrical systems

Automation of a dairy plant

Project for the reception, storage, pasteurization process of goat milk, and shipping. Automation for control, monitoring, data management, graphs, and reports of the pasteurization process of goat milk with varying fat content. Support for the plant process engineering for its design, following standards provided by the property. Remote connection with the highest level of security and plant management. Developed with Wonderware inTouch and Siemens.

Expansion of Sevilla SCI Airport Terminal

Integration and automation of air conditioning, electromechanical, and low-voltage control equipment for the expansion of the Sevilla Airport terminal:

  • Automation of Air Handling Units (AHU) that control the air conditioning in different areas of the terminal expansion.
  • Integration and control of hot and cold-water generation and distribution plants for air conditioning.
  • Integration of standalone air conditioning equipment (Rooftop, Fancoil, and VRV) into the terminal control system.
  • Data acquisition from escalators, elevators, and automatic doors for visualization in the terminal control system.
  • Data acquisition and control of low-voltage electrical installation in the terminal.

Integration of Osmosis Plant and Chlorination System

The purpose of this project is to achieve comprehensive management of osmotized water treatment, composed of several subsystems from different manufacturers. Communication links are established between Siemens controllers through S7 links. The master controller, responsible for the logic of the osmosis plant operation, manages variables and parameters of the two hypochlorite generators and dosers, as well as their alternation, to achieve continuous activity. It is also responsible for managing the production of the reject water plant, ensuring coherent production. Developed with Siemens and Wonderware System Platform.

Automation of Improvements and Upgrades to WWTP

The project involves the expansion and renovation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant (EDAR). The production structure has been modified, working from the pre-treatment area to the digestion zone, including the boiler room and compressors. The aim is to achieve efficiency and profitability. Developed with Schneider and Wonderware inTouch.

Automation of a New WWTP

This project involves the complete automation of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant (EDAR) built in the town of Alcaudete. The station is designed for the treatment of wastewater for recirculation. Specialized hardware with corrosion-resistant protection was installed for this project, and a SCADA application was developed for the control of the WWTP with a historical record of alarms and failures. Additionally, a radio communication system with remote security and management of the WWTP was implemented. The project was carried out with Schneider and Wonderware inTouch.

Maintenance of Facility Control Systems

This project involves preventive, corrective, and evolutionary maintenance of systems responsible for controlling air conditioning, electromechanical systems, water pumping, status alerts, alarms for terminal building elements, fire safety supervision, and the WONDERWARE SCADA monitoring system. Preventive maintenance involves testing systems and reviewing deviations to anticipate potential errors that could pose a risk to normal operations. In the event of a failure in any of the systems, remote or on-site assistance is provided to repair the systems and restore proper functionality, constituting corrective maintenance. Evolutionary maintenance includes minor modifications aimed at improving system performance. The project utilizes Wonderware System Platform, Siemens, Schneider, among others.

Automation of CIP for Dairy Factory Cleaning

This project involves the programming and integration of a new Clean-in-Place (CIP) system for cleaning within an existing and operational dairy food factory, aiming to avoid prolonged downtime. The installation and programming were studied collaboratively with the property to facilitate commissioning without technical stoppages. The new system was integrated into the existing project and SCADA application. The project was implemented using Wonderware System Platform and Siemens.

Automation of an Industrial Bakery Plant

This project involves the programming of raw material management and bread manufacturing in an industrial bakery. It includes electrical engineering, automation, and commissioning of the bread dough manufacturing process, as well as the management and maintenance of silos and distribution to different manufacturing areas for various recipes. The project also covers the injection of additives and control of processing times. The system allows the selection of the type of bread, and the facility autonomously produces the corresponding dough, preparing it for forming, cutting, and baking. The project was implemented using Siemens and iFix.

Plant adaptation to MES

This project involves the migration of PLC and HMI programs in a beer factory to adapt to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the implementation of diagnostic data and treatment. The implementation was carried out using Siemens, iFix, and Wonderware inTouch.

SCADA System Migration to Ignition

Project based on the migration of the SCADA application for service and plant control to Ignition. The project involves the study and reverse engineering of equipment control and visualization, as well as the examination of functionality and management of reports and alarms. All of this is to be replicated with the improvements requested by the client in an Ignition application in Perspective, with OPC communication.

Management of transportation lines throughout the entire production process within a dairy factory

Project for the study, disassembly, assembly, and automation of dispatch transport lines in a dairy factory, reusing existing lines and integrating new shipping transport lines. This project involves collaboration between the electrical and automation departments, along with third-party companies, to ensure the specific needs of the project. The project is carried out with Siemens.