The Netherlands

In 2018 we started working in the Netherlands for a multinational company we are still providing for today, having a backlog in this country for 2021.

Since 2018 we have been carrying out projects that have been completed and extended until today, both electric and mechanic. In this month’s newsletter, we will go through an electric project conducted in Frisia.

Cultural differences, the language and the distance were not obstacles for the coordination between all teams. 

Starting with the planification of the installation, design and development of the electrical engineering using a diagrams software (EPLAN), MCC (power supply), PLC, HMI and RIO (control). 

With these, the assembly of electrical cabinets starts in our own workshop, where FAT tests are also carried out. 

Next, and before leaving the country of origin, the technical team had to pass the security exams (VCA) demanded by Benelux in both Spanish and English.

Being transported all the equipments to the Netherlands, the signal connexions were developed, based on the EPLAN designs and the assembly of the electrical part and interconnexion of the process devices are executed.

This sums up the electrical project that helped position our brand in the Netherlands market. Due to this, the client continued trusted us to continue expanding their installations with mechanical and electrical works. In this case with Siemens, IFM and FESTO technologies.

This kind of challenges are the ones that led us to develop specific solutions, and this has been our driving force for evolution. Because, in Eigra Group, we love a new challenge and new opportunities.